A pleasure boat is 95% of its time moored and unguarded, exposed to dangers and threats of all kinds.
Boat alarm allows you to monitor your boat when it is moored in the harbor with no one to watch it.
Through this service, you can, in real time, know the status of your boat, and if there are any incidents, take the necessary actions.
Additionally there is a control panel where all the ships in that port are monitored.
This panel is used by the port to efficiently monitor the vessels as a whole, without the need for the sailor to travel to the docks.

A very easy self-installation device is installed on your boat, after activating the subscription, you will begin to receive the status of your boat in your desktop application or your mobile application.
Additionally, the port will be able to add your vessel to the control panel.
The events that the alarm monitors are:
Battery problems

Because this application uses GPS to monitor movement, it will consume battery a bit faster than normal. We suggest you charge your device while using the app, although it’s not necessary and the impact on battery life strongly depends on the specific device! There is also an advanced option to set GPS update intervals which might greatly improve battery life.

Application features:

  ♦  Shows GPS location and accuracy

  ♦  Intruder detector

  ♦  Avoid robberies

  ♦  Flood detection

♦  Fire detection

♦  Battery problems

  ♦  Allows you to select a sound alarm

  ♦  Allows setting exclusion zones

  ♦  Uses the device’s compass to set the anchor even if you are not located directly above it

Please check out our Boat Alarm PRO version for additional features


The application requires the following permissions:

  ♦  Fine GPS location: To monitor your location

  ♦  Full internet access: For a map view

  ♦  Network state: For Google AdMob

This application can be used on boats, sailboats, motorboats, and any other objects that move freely.